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Cycling fun for everyone

 Breitenbrunn is ideally located for cyclists of all levels and is situated both on the B10 "Neusiedlersee-cycle path" and the B12 "Kirschblüten (Cherry blossom panorama) cycle path". The cultural route connects the two cycle paths and thus leads to the sights in the town center.  

From here, sports enthusiasts can enjoy day tours of up to 135 km and a 1,000 km network of cycle paths.  

The "World Heritage Double Eight", a combination of the B10 and B12, offers a varied opportunity for all those who want to cycle through the nature and culture of the World Heritage Nature Park and explore all 5 Nature Park communities. New in all 5 locations of the World Heritage Nature Park are the cultural cycle routes, which connect the two cycle paths and take cyclists to the historic town centers.

Guests who arrive without a bike can rent a bike at one of the 3 following bike rental stations: train station, main square, or the lake resort. Or, from April 1st  to October 31st  at the bicycle rental station Ernst Holek in Winden am See, Bahnstraße 2, only 1km away.

B12 Kirschblüten (Cherry blossom panorama) cycle path

At the foot of the Leitha mountains, the B12 route runs through an impressive landscape.  On the quite demanding Pannonian tour, the ambitious cyclists can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view over Lake Neusiedl up to the Hungarian lowlands. The tour takes you past vineyards and thousands of cherry trees that turn into a sea of white flowers from mid-April to May. (40 km; short, steep ascents; connection to B10)


  •  Donnerskirchen: Mountain chapel with panoramic view, Leisserhof  (former Edelhof), Celtic graves, golf course, climbing garden.
  • Purbach: Purbach Turk (from 1532), historic Kellergasse (cellar lane), Solar heated bath.
  • Breitenbrunn: Tower museum, art gallery in the local wine house, historical cellar lane, reed nature trail, Thenau nature reserve, nature lake resort.
  • Winden am See: open-air museum of the sculptor Wander Bertoni, Bear Cave.
  • Jois: folklore museum, lake resort.

 B10 - Neusiedler lake cycle path

Around the lake - in the truest sense of the word! The Neusiedler lake cycle path is one of the most beautiful and varied cycle routes around Central Europe's largest steppe lake, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001.  

Thanks to the new design rest areas, unique natural landscapes and cultural treasures, the cycle tour becomes a true voyage of discovery and an unforgettable experience.

Small differences in altitude and the continuous expansion of the terrain guarantee riding fun for young and old. Those, who  prefer to stay just on the Austrian territory, can circle around the Austrian lake part on a route of 95 km by using the ferry between Mörbisch and Illmitz. (minimal ascents, especially suitable for families)  

Highlights on the northern part:

  •  Rust: listed old town, world-famous sweet wine, lake resort, cycle ferries to Podersdorf.
  •  Oggau on Lake Neusiedl: panoramic view from the wine arbor dome, wine hiking trail.
  •  Donnerskirchen:  Mountain chapel with panoramic view, Leisserhof (former Edelhof), Celtic   graves, golf course, and a climbing garden.
  • Purbach on Lake Neusiedl: Purbacher Turk from 1532, historic Kellergasse (cellar lane), solar heated bath.
  • Breitenbrunn: Tower museum, art gallery in the local wine house, historic Kellergasse (cellar lane), reed nature trail, Thenau full nature reserve, natural lake resort.
  • Winden am See: nature bath, Bear cave, sculpture garden, panoramic view.
  • Jois: Folklore museum, lake resort.
  • Neusiedl am See: Tabor tower ruin with panoramic view, Calvary, parish church with fishing pulpit, lake resort.
  • Weiden am See: bee-eater, chair market, lake resort.
  • Podersdorf am See: lake resort, windmill, lighthouse.
  • Illmitz: national park information center, oldest Seewinkel farmhouse, St. Bartholomew’s  fountain, lake resort.
  • Apetlon: bird sanctuary, wet meadows and willows, Zick Lacke , Lange Lacke (puddles)  Austria's lowest point.
  • Mörbisch: lake festival stage, stretching farmhouses, lake bath, cycle ferries to Illmitz, border crossing for cyclists.

If you are not afraid of the 135 km stretching route, you can claim that you have "conquered" the largest steppe lake in Central Europe. (38 km on the Hungarian side, minimal inclines, especially suitable for families)

Highlights in the southern part:

  • Fertörakos: Quarry (summer concerts)
  • Sopron: Fire tower, Storno -Museum, historical town center.
  • Fertöd: Esterházy Castle (former summer residence of the Esterházy family)
  • Pamhagen: Turk tower, steppe animal park, lake bath, international border crossing.