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Welcome to the heart of Pannonia's garden. It's a beautiful place in the midst of nature with an intact environment and an excellent quality of life. That is the reason why, this place attracts many regular guests and also people who settle their second residence here. The core features of the region include cycling, water sports, art and last but not least an excellent regional wine and many culinary delights. Beside all mentioned highlights, the region offers a well-developed infrastructure, distinct and magnificent nature and richly diverse cultural landscape. The historical center is a place for explorers. The numerous beauties of the region are not loudly praised here. On the contrary, the residents and guests have an opportunity to explore the diverse facets of the region at their own pace.

  • Places of interest

    There are plenty of interesting things  to see in the region, be it the many sandstone applications of the old townhouses and farmhouses or the sgraffito paintings on Renaissance buildings. Don’t forget to take a look at  the many beautiful inner  courtyards...  more

  • History

    A lively local history dating back to the 13th century, shaped by the different population influences, is the cultural basis of today's lake community of Breitenbrunn on Lake Neusiedl.   The first mention of the place name, then "Praittnprun", dates back to 1257. Finds from the...  more

  • A visit to the extensive natural beach of Breitenbrunn is well worth it

    You can indulge in idleness, sail or surf over the white wave crests, explore nature by bike or immerse yourself in local history on the cultural route and enjoy a glass of wine. That is quality of life. On the tour of the fortified tower, built in the 13 th  century, instead...  more

  • The natural lake resort

    The unique natural lake resort Breitenbrunn, with its sand-gravel beach and its spacious sunbathing lawn, situated on a headland in front of the reed belt, offers bathing fun for young and young-at-heart.   The secured swimming area with sun jetty and floating pontoon is taboo...  more